Frequently Asked Questions

Will Oplee fit my eyeglass case? 

Please see our fit guide here

    Will Oplee fit my travel sized solution bottle?

    Please see our fit guide here

    Will Oplee fit my contact lens case?

    Please see our fit guide here

    Do you recommend any specific eyeglass cases? Yes, for a single eyeglass case we recommend Single Eyeglass Case (Amazon link). For a double eyeglass case we recommend Double Eyeglass Case (Amazon link). See our full fit guide here

    Do you recommend any specific travel-sized solution bottles? Yes, we recommend tall smaller diameter bottles such as Travel Sized Contact Lens Solution (Amazon link) . See our full guide here

    Do you recommend any specific contact lens case? Yes, we recommend screw-top style cases such as Contact Lens Cases (Amazon link).   

    What about using refillable solution bottles with Oplee?

    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration recommends against transferring contact solution between containers: "Do not transfer contact lens solutions into smaller travel size containers. This can effect the sterility of the solution which can lead to an eye infection. Transferring solutions into smaller size containers may also leave consumers open to accidentally using a solution not intended for the eyes."

    “Contact Lens Solutions and Products.” U.S. Food and Drug Administration, FDA,

    What is Oplee made of?

    Oplee is primarily composed of vegan leather, nylon, and elastic materials.

    How do I clean Oplee?

    Gently scrub clean with warm water.

    Can I recycle Oplee?

    Currently no. Oplee is made of a combination of materials that would make recycling difficult. But Oplee is designed and built to last a lifetime.