Signs you May Need New Glasses

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Glasses help people see better, and given the problems that people go through before acquiring that beautiful pair, many people tend to have personal attachments. Usually, after a person has had glasses for so long, they might not realize that a new pair is needed. Although it might be tough for most people to lose their glasses, there comes a time when it must be done. So, how can you tell you need a new pair after having the old one for so long? Below are numerous ways that might just tell you time to replace your glasses is upon you.


  1. Headaches

On numerous occasions, many people who wear glasses find it hard to pinpoint their recurring headaches is due to their vision. This is usually the case, given that other problems can lead to constant headaches. However, regular headaches are one of the earliest ways one can realize that there is something wrong with their eyes. It is hard for one to note the slightest change in one’s vision; however, a person’s brain has the ability to recognize the tiniest of change. Once the brain recognizes the change, it tries to remedy the situation, which forces it to use a lot of energy, which leads to wear and, eventually, headaches. For nearsighted people, they tend to experience headaches in the front while farsighted tend to experience the same after looking at things for prolonged periods.


  1. Squinting

Continually squinting is an indication of one problem, inability to see clearly. Squinting is a natural technique when the brain commands the eyes to try to improve focus and clarity. In most cases, the process is so lawless that most people may not realize they are squinting until it registers in other forms, such as the head hurting. Although it might help one solve clarity and focus issue now, its effects are detrimental in the long-run. Through squinting, one tends to strain the eyes, hence exacerbating your vision issues. If you find yourself being forced to squint to read books or computers despite having your glasses on, it might be time to change the glasses.


  1. Eye fatigue

If you start to realize that your eyes feel fatigued or strained, this might be a clear sign that your vision might have undergone some form of change. Typically, eye fatigue can be attributed to numerous causes, such as the amount of sleep one has had to seasonal allergies. However, fatigue caused by these factors should only be felt for a short period, maybe two days at most. As such, if you are experiencing fatigued eyes for prolonged periods, it is clear that it is time to get new glasses prescription to help remedy the situation.


  1. Losing your place while reading

The losing of a place when reading can be interpreted as a sign of strabismus. Strabismus is an eye condition that leads to misalignment of eyes, eye muscles, or astigmatism. Usually, children tend to point at the words when reading, while this may be advisable as it helps improve their skills, it might be a sign of amblyopia. In America, vision problems have forced a staggering 188.7 million people to be reliant on glasses or contact lenses, while over 30 million individuals wear over the counter readers. Hence, for people who wear glasses struggling to focus on the words may be a clear indication that you need to invest in a new pair of glasses.


  1. Seeing halos around lights

In the case, your eyes are unable to focus correctly; light usually appears to be scattered. In most cases, this inability leads to a person seeing halos, especially around light bulbs, car headlights, and other sources of light. Depending on age, halos can refer and be collected differently. Majorly, the condition can be remedied using glasses; however, for the older people, this may signify cataracts. Additionally, halos can be associated with uncorrected presbyopia, nearsightedness, farsightedness, or a side effect of LASIK surgery. If the problem is evident while you one has glasses, it might be time to change the glasses.  


  1. Blurry vision

When glasses start to lose their magic, it leads to one experiencing blurry vision. Hence, for a person experiencing blurry vision at any distance may have to replace the glasses and acquire a more powerful pair. Blurry vision may appear both like a sudden or occasional blur of vision. A person can experience blurry vision in one eye or both eyes. In most cases, the condition is caused by a sudden change in your vision. Such experiences should trigger a visit to the professional for a prescription and further testing.


  1. Old glasses

If you have had that one pair of glasses for quite some time, it is time for a new pair, given that your eyes tend to get worse over time. Among the reasons why people are advised to visit an optometrist at least once a year is to ensure scenarios, where your eyes are getting worse, are identified, and you address the issue. For people in such scenarios should ensure to have eye tests as they will help the optometrist to identify any problem with your eyes and advice on how to handle the situation. If you notice some changes in your vision when wearing your old glasses, one should schedule a meeting with their optometrist to address the issue.


  1. Lens damage

Wear and tear on your glasses is not always cosmetic. Regardless of the age of the prescription you are wearing, one should ensure they change it if there is any sort of damage on the lenses. The damage might be in the form of cracks or scratches. Additionally, for people whose glasses have extra lens coating, it is time to change.


Bottom Line

Over time, prescription has changed, and it makes no sense to have the outdated prescription as it tends to cause unnecessary strain to your eyes. Overall, one should ensure the prescription they are wearing is up to date to avoid worsening the situation or risking harm due to impaired vision.

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