Guide To Camping With Contact Lenses

Camping with contact lenses

In case you're a contact lens wearer, you'll have to avoid potential risk when investing longer measures of time outside this late spring. Activities, for example, camping, backpacking, or any experience where you are away from a sink or running water requires planning if you need to keep up healthy eyes while wearing contact lenses.

To keep up contact lenses cleanliness during camping, try to bring your normal contact lens accessories.

As you can imagine, camping in nature isn't the cleanest activity. However, this doesn't imply that you need to leave your contacts at home while outdoors. You'll simply need to get ready for it. 

As always, bring a lot of extra contact lenses and a pair of glasses. You'll likewise need rewetting drops, particularly if you are in the mountains where the air is drier.

Remember! You need a way to clean your hands. You can utilize hand sanitizer, moist disposable clothes that contain alcohol, or biodegradable soap. If you don't have running water, rinse your hands with bottled water. Follow all directions about the best possible removal of lathery water and moist disposable clothes to keep the environment healthy. Also, don't rinse your hands in lake or stream water since this water may contain microscopic organisms that are harmful to your eyes.

The contact lens solution will freeze. In this way, if you are camping during a chilly climate, keep your contact lens carrying case or contact lens kit inside your sleeping bag!


Essentials for contact lens care at Camping

Packing light is essential, yet make sure to come prepared. If you wear month to month or bi-weekly contact lenses, you'll need a lens solution and lens cases. If you wear daily disposable lenses, ensure you have a lot of extras and daily disposable contact lens travel cases.

If you're a seasoned camp goer, at that point, you're most likely very much aware of the conditions you'll confront, yet in case you're a beginner, do be aware that you won't have huge numbers of the solaces of home while you're camping. So, what should be in your pack? 

    • Spare Lenses
    • Travel contact lens solution
    • Antibacterial hand gel 
    • Hand reflect 
    • Eye drops 
    • Shades
    • Contact lens travel kit


Wearing Contact Lenses: Top Cleanliness Tips 

  • You're there to have a ton of fun and rock out, but remember wellbeing and cleanliness are vital, and you may need to adapt your usual lens-care routine. 
  • Avoid handling your contact lenses in the toilets. You realize how filthy they are, so don't hazard contaminating your eyes and lenses. Take care of your contact lenses in your tent – you'll see it increasingly comfortable and clean.
  • Keep hydrated. Liquor and sun can leave your whole body dehydrated and tired, and your eyes are particularly vulnerable. Try to drink a lot of water, and give your eyes extra moisture with eye drops.
  • Regardless of whether the sun doesn't show up, its beams can still cause harm. Protect your skin with sunblock and shield your eyes with shades with UV channels. Many contact lenses likewise feature UV filters, however, shades will give inclusion to the entire eye, including the delicate skin around it. 
  • Prepare yourself for sensitivity and allergy symptoms. At the point when you're camping and outside throughout the day, you're more susceptible to pollen from grass and trees, so eye drops can help reduce irritated, red eyes. If you use antihistamines, remember those, as well!


Guide To Camping With Contact Lenses

Don't opt out for eyewear 

Keep away from the desire to simplify the packing by leaving your glasses at home. If your vision needs correction, you'll need to have the option to rapidly grab your glasses if there is a crisis after you've removed your contact lenses for the night. Another reason to bring them is if eye contamination or other difficulty makes it too painful to even think about wearing your contact lenses. Hypersensitivities from new areas or extreme time spent outside in greenery may make your eyes tear or swell.

Some contact lenses, for example, those implied for astigmatism, may experience issues remaining centred directly on the center of your eye if a change in atmosphere or altitude takes place. 

Glasses allow you to have a backup if anything turns out badly. 


Pick travel size

Ensure you have a little contact lens travel kit. You won't need the full-sized contact lens travel kit. Pack a normal contact lens travel case with screw-top covers. They will in general be progressively durable and less likely to tear your lenses or leak. An additional tip is to fill your empty contact lens case before leaving for an additional day of solution. Likewise, next time you see your optometrist, ask whether they have any extra trial samples of contact lens cleaning solution.


Keep your hands clean 

Choose how you will clean your hands of camping grime before you insert or remove your contact lens. Regardless of whether it's moist disposable clothes, hand sanitizer, or by having access to cleanser and water, don't skip this progression. Filthy fingers can move dreadful germs and pathogens into your eyes, which can trigger infection or dirt to embed. 

If you plan on utilizing hand sanitizer, pick regular based items or those without cruel synthetic substances, for example, Triclosan. 


Save Your Solution

Use your contact solution sparingly to avoid bringing excessively or worse – run out. Simply press out enough lens solution for moistening the contact lenses. The simplest solution to use is a no-rub all-purpose solution, which can likewise be utilized as eye drops during the day if you are strapped. 

Always make sure to utilize the fresh solution for sterilizing contact lenses appropriately, and never use water to rinse lenses.


Wear dailies 

Daily disposable contact lenses are the most sterile choice in the market today. By tossing your contacts out every day, you can all the more effectively maintain clear, healthy-looking eyes and feel progressively great while you're away from the comforts of home. Don't forget to buy a daily disposable contact lens travel case.

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